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Rural Renewable Energy Alliance

UI design, CSS, WordPress customization

The 2010 Overnight Website Challenge brought our team a local solar power company in desperate need of a fresh look for their website.

We delivered in mere hours.

The site integrates a Google Checkout-based shopping cart system, allowing online orders of complete solar systems and components.

Comprehensive navigation is available on every page, as is a lead-in to download the RREAL-branded iPhone app.

Conceived, designed and built in the span of a few hours, the SolarSaver app provides a quick interaction that helps people to quickly grasp the energy savings that are possible with solar power.

Enterprise Lighting Services

Branding, Print Design, UI Design, Site Construction

We produced a cheerful, light-filled identity that combines elements of their stock in trade (light bulbs) with consistent typeface choices and a versatile logo that works on everything from full-color business cards to black-and-white faxes.

The “e” of this typeface does double duty as a stylized filament.

Business cards employ a subtle visual trick: the logo on the front appears to glow through to the other side of the card.

We designed, built, and launched the new, creating both an informational website for prospective clients and a useful contact tool to receive service requests.

Though business initially took off merely by word of mouth, they soon were ready to further develop their clientele through marketing and billing materials with a professional appearance.

We designed a full-color two-sided tri-panel brochure that communicates the important points with some clever visual details.

Branding was further kept consistent by providing PDF and Word templates for estimates, service reports, and billing forms.

Alan Wahlstrom

Identity design, business card layout

The interacting typographic elements were first laid out in black and white, achieving a dynamic balance along multiple axes.

Each word’s letterforms directly affect the size and positioning of adjoining words.

St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church

SquareSpace customization, UI design, CSS

St. Christopher’s needed a site designed and rapidly developed on Squarespace with a custom theme.

We provided a bold look that used different families of accent color in each of the main sections of the site, while maintaining consistent base colors and graphic elements.

The footer echoes the color scheme of the page, and serves as an attention-drawing location for important information such as upcoming service times.

The logo arose from the story of St. Christopher, who (according to legend) unknowingly ferried the Christ child across a dangerous river, bearing an ever-increasing weight. The resulting mark suggests a vast weight barely supported by the smaller, more concentrated shape.


UI design, CSS, XSLT, Umbraco development, color scheme

RevTrak, a credit card processing company, recently developed a new logo and branding guidelines.

We provided a visual refresh for their website (which we had originally designed a few years prior) incorporating new colors and carefully revising details of the existing design.

The primary navigation is automatically generated by some intricate XSLT, allowing the client flexibility to reorganize and edit the site’s structure without the possibility of “breaking” the design.

By highlighting the current selection and the parent levels, the menu system always provides a visual clue of your current location in the hierarchy of the site.

The shape of the footer is a visual nod to the primary focus of the company’s business.

Sasha Cox Designs

Logomark, business card design, brochure

A high-end floral designer based in Cologne, MN wanted to grow her business, using cards and brochures with roots in a unique historical style: Art Nouveau.

We pored over years of Art Nouveau work, arriving at several renderings based on a particular wall painting from a Brussels hotel. However, the dominant colors were rich reds, deep oranges and russet browns with black outlining.

The elegant solution? Inversion. With the heavy browns and oranges swapped for yellows and greens with white outlines, we recaptured the fresh floral feel while remaining faithful to the Nouveau style.

In addition to the business cards, we designed a mailer-friendly brochure that continued Sasha’s distinct style.

Art & advertisement come together.